Tim Cook Assures Of ‘No Trade Off’ Between Privacy And Security:


Off late there has been quite a stir among the people at large over debates that have been raging between privacy and security. While many say that privacy is of the apex concern, it has to be let down a little in order to increase public security, while there are other who are pro-encryption and have refused to back down. Government spyings, leaks of information and much more has been happening in recent times. Tim Cook has become the latest name to voice his concern over this debate, and has held a firm ground over the fact that there should never be a trade-off between Security and Privacy, supporting user privacy here.

Tim Cook has usually been a man of few words, but off late he has been voicing his opinions quite frequently. “I think that’s an overly simplistic view. We’re America. We should have both,” he told Charlie Rose on CBS’ 60 Minutes program on Sunday.

In recent times there has been quite an uproar over this issue of national security agencies across countries spying on their citizens by ‘violating’ their privacy. This has especially increased after the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.29b8apple-25p-bw-1024x808

While Tim Cook might have been a little diplomatic in his earlier statement, his second one was quite clear and to the point as he made his stance on encryption crystal clear – “Well if, if the government lays a proper warrant on us today then we will give the specific information that is requested. Because we have to by law. In the case of encrypted communication, we don’t have it to give,”

He also discussed several other issues such as the concept of an ‘Apple Car’ and why they prefer to work in China. Various other questions were asked. All in all, it looks like Apple is currently in the best spot they have ever been in since their inception and the company now heads forward towards a stronger 2016.


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