Tech Outlet Says Red Dead Redemption Operates Better On Xbox One


Great news gaming fans as the Red Dead Redemption is now running on Xbox One thanks to the backward compatibility program of the gaming console. Tech analyst Digital Foundry has unfurled a new video that evaluated the performance of the game on both the Xbox One and 360 platforms, and it discovered that the game operates better on Xbox one.

Digital Foundry found out that the Xbox One variant of Red Dead Redemption maintains a superb frame rate more frequently than the Xbox 360 version. The Xbox One keeps a solid 30 fps rate and just drops in a few moments. Just like a farm shootout during the earlier part of the game and it still managed to keep a better fps rate than that of the 360’s. Red Dead Redemption’s enhanced performance is not present in all backward compatible games of Xbox One. Feel free to see the video courtesy of YouTube below:

In addition, Digital Foundry sites that a number of screen tearing in the 360 version, that are not visible on the Xbox One. In spite of this difference in the visual department, the Digital Foundry singles out that the two variants appear relatively the same, as both is spruced up with 720p resolution, textures, and draw distances.

Red Dead Redemption obtained an impressive score of 9.5 in the review whipped up by GameSpot. Critic Justin Calvert stated that “This is an outstanding game that tells a great story with memorable and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny characters. Think about great moments that you remember from spaghetti Western movies, put them all into one 20- to 40-hour epic feature, and picture yourself in the starring role. Now you have some idea of what’s waiting for you in Red Dead Redemption.”

After the announcement that the Red Dead Redemption would be zeroing in on the backward compatibility program of Xbox One, the game’s sales ranking on Amazon had increased by jaw-dropping 6,000%. Aside from that, a number of DLC of the game has been made free to celebrate the game’s release.

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Source: GameSpot


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