Taking Regular Saunas Could Help Prevent Heart Disease in Men

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We regularly hear how good saunas are for our health, now researchers have found another reason why men should take regular sauna baths. According to the findings of a news study, taking frequent saunas can help prevent heart diseases, particularly in men.

The findings of the research stated that men who take sauna around four times a week are not much likely to develop high blood pressure.

In order to reach the findings, researchers from the University of Eastern Finland examined around 1,621 middle-aged men with early signs of blood pressure over an average of 22 years. High blood pressure can lead to heart diseases and stroke.

The researchers found out that that the risk of high blood pressure decreased in nearly 46 percent of the men who took a steaming sauna bath four to seven times a week, and nearly 24 percent for men who took two to three saunas a week.

The study, which was published in June, states that the body temperature of a person goes up to 35 degrees during a sauna, which helped in strengthening blood vessels and removing fluid from the body. Both of these benefits help in lowering the blood pressure of the person.

The researchers also said that saunas also help in relieving stress by relaxing the mind and body, which can also assist in lowering a person’s blood pressure.

The researchers found out that 15.5 percent of the men being evaluated developed clinically high blood pressure during the course of the study. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

A different study conducted prior to this one also suggested a link between frequent saunas and a lower dance of developing dementia.

The findings of the study were published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

Source: NYPost


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