What is ‘Stealthing’, the Newest Dangerous Sex Trend


A recent report has stated that there is a new, dangerous sex trend on the rise which could amount to sexual assault. The trend called “stealthing” does not have anything to do with a sex position or a new technique, it’s altogether disturbing.

A report by Columbia Journal of Gender and Law stated that “stealthing” is when a man secretly removes is condom during intercourse. The trend is surprisingly seeing a rise among people now.

Commenting on the findings of the report, lead author Alexandra Brodsky argued that “stealthing” should not even be given the name of a sexual trend and should be treated like a form of sexual assault.

The researchers said that they found out through the Brodsky online community that men actually encourage other men to “stealth” their partners. The trend is not just in heterosexual men, it is also prevalent in homosexual men. The men who perform which act believe that it s a man’s right to “spread one’s seed,” New York Post reported.

“One of my goals with the article, and in proposing a new statute, is to provide a vocabulary and create ways for people to talk about what is a really common experience that just is too often dismissed as just ‘bad sex’ instead of ‘violence,’” Brodsky told the Huffington Post.

The started when a doctoral student, Rebecca, who works at a rape crisis hotline noticed that she was receiving an increasing number of calls about women who had been “stealthed.” The doctoral students said that she had also undergone the same experience with her ex-boyfriend, reports state.

“Their stories often start the same way,” Rebecca said. “’I’m not sure if this is rape, but…’” They all felt violated but “didn’t have the vocabulary” to figure out what was happening.

Te practice of “stealthing” can not only leave women vulnerable to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but it can also make them feel violated and can cause emotional, physical and financial harm.

Source: NYPost


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