Speculations Indicate Apple Watch 2 To Release Alongside iPhone 7 –


Apple has been a company which has always believed in the power of innovations in the world of technology. The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades for their devices over the years, and has been bringing forward several changes in the way the markets of technology function. Having been led by the charismatic and innovative Steve Jobs for a long time, the company still follows his footsteps when it comes to the world of innovation in technology. It has long been speculated that the company will be releasing the iPhone 7 in the month of September this year, and newer speculations have now added on that the Apple Watch 2, too, would be releasing alongside the new iPhone device.


This speculation rises after a report from Digitimes, which said that “Shipments of chips and components for the second-generation Apple Watch are set to begin in the third quarter. Orders for the upcoming Apple Watch have been higher-than-expected. Judging from the orders, the sources estimated that about two million units of the new Apple Watch could be shipped monthly.”

There had been several speculations that the Apple Watch 2 would be releasing in the WWDC 2016, but no such announcements happened. It is being speculated that while the Apple Watch 2 will not be quite different from the previous variant, but it is expected to be up to 40% thinner. The battery life too, is expected to improve significantly.

The Apple Watch 2 is also expected to come out with cellular connectivity and will be taking things one major step forward in the markets of technology. As of this moment, these are all speculations and must be taken with a grain of salt. However, it is still expected that the device would indeed be releasing in the month of September.

Interested readers can take a look at the complete digitimes report about the Apple Watch 2 here.


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