SpaceX and Boeing Plans To Make a Parking Space on the ISS


SpaceX and Boeing will work together to make another advancement in space technology by building a parking spot in the International Space Station.

In late 2017, the infamous space agencies will start sending American astronauts to the ISS in anticipation of NASA’s new space taxis. With the nearing end of Russia’s monopoly ticket to bring people to space, NASA wants to build their future partners a parking spot.

Astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins are scheduled to perform a six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk on Friday to install the first of the two International Docking Adapters that will be used to connect the spacecraft, CST-100 Starliners (Boeing) and Crew Dragon capsules (SpaceX), easily to the ISS. The astronauts will be assisted by the Canadarm2 robotic arm. The robot will extract the docking adapter from the latest resupply sent on the SpaceX Dragon capsule later today, before it is settled to spot on Friday.

“Spacewalk” still seems to fictional and fancy for normal people, but it is actually an orchestrated set of movements that mission control chatters down to the minute. They even make computer models and simulations on how the spacewalk will happen. And NASA posted an eight-minute-long “teaser trailer” on how the spacewalk will happen on August 19 at exactly 8:05 a.m. EDT.

The Commercial Crew Program was formed by NASA in 2012 as a strategy to revive American autonomy in space. SpaceX and Boeing are now the biggest benefactors of the space agency, and recently received at least $3 billion worth of funds to develop a system that will carry astronauts to the ISS and back to low Earth orbit. Both companies are working hard to fulfill the plan of sending humans to the ISS on late 2017. Furthermore, SpaceX is also working closely with NASA in creating new technologies that will be used in the upcoming Mars mission in the 2030s.

Source: Gizmodo



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