Slack Update Makes it More Beneficial for Online teams


New voice calling beta allow people to ditch the text chat and just communicate.

Companies that utilize Slack for its communication now have a new mean in conveying messages. The startup has started releasing a voice calling functionality on Wednesday that enables people to speak to each other either by one-on-one or during group conference calls.

Slack has concentrated on text communication for years and the new move was quite surprising. The company divulged yesterday that enabling people to make calls forms a big portion of its plans for next year and the initial beta launching of its new features served as its first step.

As of this moment the feature is accessed by under 50% of Slack users. The company stated to TechCrunch that below half of all users have access, although administrators can confirm if it’s accessible to them by hitting this link.

When users are communicating through direct message in the Slack apps for Mac and Windows or using Google Chrome browser, they can click on mobile device icon to begin an audio call with the person they would like to send a message.

A pop-up notification appears which allows users to pick up the call and start speaking, or turn down the call if they are not keen on accepting it.

While in a channel (a room filled with a lot of people) callers are prompted if they want to begin a voice call, then they are asked to come up with a name for the call. After that, a message pops up indicating that the channel could allow up to 15 people to join in.

As soon as the users are on a call they can post emojis to express their feelings and emotions about what’s being talked over.

Moreover, users can’t begin calling people by random; teams that don’t like to use Slack for voice communication may turned it off

And last but definitely not the least, Slack is still expecting to offer voice calling to its mobile apps on iOS and Android, together with its Linux app.

Source: PC World


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