Scientists Found Curious Cloud Shapes Over Bermuda Triangle


Strange hexagonal clouds spotted over the Bermuda Triangle called as “air bombs” by scientists have been dubbed as the root cause of all mysterious vanishing of planes and ships at the doomed patch in the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Florida,Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

According to meteorologists, the hexagonal clouds can trigger 170mph hurricane-like force, capable of destroying planes and ships in no time. Air blasts running at a speed of 170 mph plus can sink ships and crash planes without a trace.

Signaling the danger levels, meteorologist Randy Cerveny called the satellite imagery “bizarre.” He said hexagonal shapes in the sky signify potential microbursts from “blasts of air.”

Theories On Sinking Ships And Vanishing Planes

Bermuda Triangle mysteries have already claimed at least 1,000 lives in the last 100 years. The scare is further compounded by the fact that even today four to five aircraft and 20 yachts go missing in that sea patch.

The legacy of strange events at Bermuda Triangle dates back to 1493. Even the first journey of great explorer Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) had its reference on Bermuda Triangle as the explorer’s compass stopped functioning and he saw strange lights in the sea.

One of the biggest tragedies was the drowning of the USS Cyclops in March 1918. The Navy cargo ship carried 306 passengers and sank between Barbados and the Chesapeake Bay. The most surprising fact was that there was no SOS call from the captain and the search yielded no wreckage of the ship. Similarly, two more naval cargo ships vanished on the same route in 1941.

Yet another mystery was the vanishing of five U.S. Navy torpedo bombers “Flight 19” in 1945 carrying 14 men from Florida while flying on a training exercise.

Two search planes were sent but only one of them returned. More intriguing was the wreckage of Flight 19 that was never found.

Tornado-Like Force?

Now the hexagonal cloud theory joins a slew of reigning theories on Bermuda Triangle occurrences. Others include the presence of a fierce Gulf stream, weird compass behavior, and violent weather changes including methane pockets.

Videos released by Science Channel on Wednesday sought to explain the mystery by taking of experts who attributed the hexagonal holes as the prime villains.

The scientists discovered the “bizarre” hexagonal clouds at the sea front having 20 to 50 miles of width, using radar satellite imagery.

According to experts, in simple terms, microbursts produced by hexagonal clouds are comparable to tornadoes but they differ on the impact as the effects will be more localized with the latter and will be felt within a radius of 100 Kms.


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