Samsung Galaxy S7 to respond to Apple’s 3D touch with ‘pressure sensitive’ display:


With one of the most dominating shares in the global markets of smartphones, Samsung has been one of the biggest names in the world of smartphone technology. Off late, the company has been coming out with some really incredible phones in their flagship series. Samsung has been ‘carpet bombing’ the markets with a large number of phones coming out almost every month. The company releases several handsets throughout the years, and they ensure that they have something for everyone! The smartphones come in at various price-points and offer various features for the users. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the next big thing to arrive from Samsung in the days to follow, and is expected to be announced either in the CES or in February of 2016.Screenshot_6

The latest that we hear about the phone comes from the Wall Street Journal, where claims have been made that the device is likely to feature a ‘pressure sensitive’ display. This is Samsung’s reply to the 3D touch technology introduced by Apple with their latest iPhones. Samsung and Apple, too, have been two names which have been at a constant war against each other. Both these companies have been fighting a to-and-fro battle in the markets as well as in the courts. While Samsung and Apple compete in the smartphone markets, a recent lawsuit settlement saw Samsung shelling out $538 Million to Apple.

With the pressure sensitive display, and various other cutting edge technologies, including a new and improved camera, and ‘fast charging’, where it is being claimed that the phone can run for a full day with just 30 minutes of charging, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be a device which is going to redefine the ‘flagships’.  More details to be updated as and when they’re out! Keep following us for more.

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