Ryan Gosling Loses It In Saturday Night Live!


Having someone act in a comedy skit and lose himself by uncontrollably laughing at the skit he’s in isn’t exactly what we would call funny.

However, when our hot and handsome Ryan Gosling took stage on Saturday Night Live and made a few sketches – all of which he cracked up laughing!

Still, we didn’t know cracking up on your very own comedy skit could be hot and sexy until Ryan Gosling did it!

First off, they made a skit called ‘Birthday Party’ where Ryan plays the father to a thirteen year old whose celebrating her birthday. Aidy Bryant is also in the skit and plays one of the thirteen-year-old girls who were invited at the party. The skit shows Aidy purposely and shamelessly hitting on Ryan – who is once again, the dad of his friend.

All throughout the skit, Ryan can be seen trying to hold back his smiles and laughter and would sometimes even take a few seconds before he could deliver his lines.

Needless to say, it was really extremely adorable – and yes, sexy.

However, what really done Ryan in was the skit they made about alien abduction.

The skit was entitled ‘Close Encounters’ and Ryan was joined by cast members Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan as well.

When Kate’s turn to tell her alien abduction came, Ryan couldn’t help but laugh to her narration – which may or may not have included having to pee in a bucket and get her ‘knockers’ touched by aliens.

While the camera was focused on Kate, it can be heard in the background that Ryan was trying to hold back his laughter and when the camera finally focuses on Ryan, he did look like his about to burst into tears and laughter.

This then caused the other casts members to giggle and hold back their laughter as well.

This is such a hard case for the cast members especially since they have to maintain a straight face in the skit.

Ryan also made a skit where he plays a 3rd hand news correspondent Angelo Skaggs entitled ‘Weekend Update: Anthony Crispino and Angelo Skaggs’.

There is also another one where he played naughty a naughty elf who seems to dig the whole 50 shades of Grey vibe. It’s called ‘Santa & The Elves’.

The skits were all funny but we have to admit, it became even funnier with Ryan’s withheld giggles and laughter in it!

Crazy how Ryan can be funny, adorable and sexy all at the same time!

Source: www.people.com


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