Rivals Sony, Microsoft allegedly planning to unveil their next-generation gaming consoles soon


There is a more intense battle brewing in the gaming consoles niche as fierce rivals Sony and Microsoft are soon to roll out their next-generation consoles.

Fierce competitors Sony and Microsoft are prepping up for a more intense battle in the gaming console segment in the near future as they are making efforts to come up with their very own next-generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Xbox Two, respectively.

The next-generation PlayStation to be unveiled by consumer electronics giant Sony will be the PlayStation 5 (PS5) variant.

On the other end, software behemoth Microsoft will be launching its new-fangled console which it dubs as the Xbox Two.

The two new consoles will flaunts some substantial improvements as opposed to their precursors; and will purportedly be beefed up with virtual reality (VR) gaming capabilities.

According to a report furnished by Herald report, the Sony PS5 console will unfurl significant novelties as the company is planning to get rid of the disc drives on its gaming device. The design alterations which the company will allegedly integrate on its PS5 console will oppose the rising popularity of ‘streaming’ and bevy of other technological advancements. Per se, the Sony PS5 console will possibly become lighter, slimmer and sleeker.

With regards to the Microsoft Xbox Two console, an earlier report issued by Latinos Health report has unraveled that the device will be disc-less and will support VR and will possibly be equipped with 4K resolution. The new console will apparently have full backwards compatibility as well.

And last but definitely not the least, a report by Tech Times has revealed that Sony and Microsoft are in talks with microprocessor manufacturer AMD, to rev up their next-generation consoles with a hardware which can optimize console performance by up to five times per watt.

Gaming consoles fans will surely be delighted with these developments.

Source: uncovercalifornia.com


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