Raising Vaping Age Could Increase Teen Smoking: Study

E-cigarettes: Many teenagers trying them, survey concludes - BBC News

According to a recent study on smoking, it has been found out that measures taken to increase the age limit for vaping is not actually working as was planned. The study found that the strict age measures are instead increasing the rate of teen smoking.

Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College said that raising the age for gaping and restricting access to purchase of electronic nicotine devices (ENDS) may have increased the number of teen smokers.

The restrictions on vaping were published in Preventive Medicine on March 10 where its said mention increasing legal age for purchasing of electronic devices like e-cigarettes, hookah pens and cape pens.

The use of vape pens and other ENDS devices are becoming increasing popular among teenagers in the United States. This has caused a concern among public health activists who fear that the gaping habit could direct the children’s attention towards nicotine and smoking.

The researchers from Cornell University after studying the latest data said that restricting the age of ENDS devices for younger teenager might have an exactly opposite consequences as was planned, hence increasing the number of smokers.

The study data showed that there was an approximate 11.7% increase in the usage of cigarettes by teenagers after the implementation of new age limit for teenagers to use e-cigarettes in the United States. The data was collected between the year 2007 to 2013.

The researchers said that vaping or usage of e-cigarettes are almost 95% safer than the use of normal nicotine cigarettes. Considering the data of teenager smokers, the researchers said that imposing age restrictions on teenagers for gaping could have unintended consequences and make the teenagers more exposed to risks of tobacco.

The study also evaluated the impact of purchasing laws of cape pens on the usage of smokeless tobacco, cigars and marijuana among teenagers and younger adults.

Source: pulseheadlines


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