Plant-Based, Coffee-Rich Diet Can Improve Heart Health


Yet another research has stated that a plant-based diet can be good for the health of our hearts. The researchers also noted that coffee also helps in the process of keeping a person’s heart healthy.

The study stated that each additional cup of coffee a person drinks is associated with a measurable reduction in the heart risk. The study also concluded that a diet based on plants was the best one in comparison to other alternatives.

The studies however did not offer any significant revelation as studies conducted previously have also established the same connections. However, the recent studies sis offer more evidence and specifics as to how a plant-based diet and coffee helps maintain heart health.

The first study evaluated the data from the Framingham Heart Study, which has been following participants for decades, and kept a track on the lifestyle habits and health outcomes of the participants involved in the study. After thorough evaluation of the data, the researchers found that coffee was strongly associated with heart health and with each cup of coffee consumed, the risk of heart failure dropped by at least 7 percent and the risk of stroke decreased by 8 percent.

The researchers also noted that the benefit of coffee consumption extended to maximum six cups every day.

The other study used data from the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study, which has been tracking people middle-aged and older over time. In order to reach the findings, the researchers looked for correlations between at least five different types of diet and heart health of the participants.

The researcher after analysing the data from each diet found out that a plant-based diet was associated with a reduction in risk of heart failure by up to 42 percent in comparison with other diets which contained fewer vegetables.

The findings of the study were presented at the American Heart Association.

Source: Forbes


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