OnePlus 5 Release Date Teased Again! Slimmest Smartphone Ever?


The OnePlus 5 is edging closer to release and a newly leaked event invite bolsters clams that it will officially debut on June 15.

OnePlus has already confirmed that it plans to launch its new flagship this summer and that it will pack the mighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 under the hood, which is the same processor powering Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagships.

OnePlus 5 Release Date

What OnePlus did not mention, however, was the official unveiling date, but recent leaks indicate that it’s just a couple of weeks away. Earlier this week, a leaked internal email hinted at June 15 as the release date, and a new leak now points at the same date.

Separate leaks pointing at the same release date makes it more credible, and all signs hint at an imminent release as well. OnePlus already announced plans to discontinue the OnePlus 3T launched last year, indicating that the new flagship is just around the corner.

OnePlus 5 Design: Slimmest Flagship Yet

The company has been dropping teasers to boost excitement ahead of the big unveiling, offering exciting hints about its upcoming flagship. OnePlus already confirmed the processor and teased a high-end camera developed in collaboration with DxO, and the latest teaser now hints at a sleek design.

More specifically, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took to Weibo to tout that the OnePlus 5 is the slimmest flagship yet. It remains unclear at this point whether Lau means that the OnePlus 5 will be slimmer than other flagship smartphones currently available on the market, or whether it will just be the slimmest OnePlus flagship so far.

Either way, this means that the upcoming OnePlus 5 will sport a thin build and a sleek design, and Lau notes that the company did not have to make any compromises to achieve that slim profile.

OnePlus 5 Rumored Specs

Aside from the powerful Snapdragon 835 processor, no exact specifications are official just yet. The rumor mill keeps churning, however, and the OnePlus 5 is shaping up as a top-notch flagship with high-end specs all around. Rumored specs include a dual rear camera setup, at least 6 GB of RAM, and a 3,600 mAh battery to keep it all up and running.

OnePlus has made a name for itself by launching high-end flagships packed with powerful specs, yet at an affordable price point compared with other comparable smartphones.

The upcoming OnePlus 5 should be no different and although it will sport top specifications, it’s expected to be cheaper than other Android flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Nevertheless, with no pricing details available yet and no specifications confirmed other than the processor, most details about the OnePlus 5 are still in the rumor state at this point. As always in such cases, it’s best to take things with a grain of salt until the formal unveiling.

If the latest leaks turn out to be accurate and the OnePlus 5 will indeed make its official debut on June 15, we’ll soon know all there is to know about it straight from the source. We’ll keep you in the loop as soon as we learn more, so stay tuned.


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