New shopping icon in Apple App Store


As the Christmas, Black Friday are approaching, basically the heavy shopping seasons, Apple has decided that it will include a new category in the App Store allowing people to discover e-commerce sites more easily.

What users will essentially see in the category list on the app store is that there will be a “Shopping” category in the list. In the past, shopping apps were found in the lifestyle section of the App Store. With the Shopping category added, there will be 25 categories in total of apps.

The introduction of the category will debut on Nov 5 before the shopping season will hit its peak during shopping seasons such as Black Friday, and Singles Day in China.

Apple reasons that it was only necessary to make a separate category for shopping apps as the e-commerce sector has grown quite big on cell-phones as shopping on mobiles has taken an ever-soaring flight, and that most of the e-commerce traffic now comes from cell-phones and tablets instead of personal computers.

According to app analytics, use of shopping apps on cell-phones has grown over 174% since 2014, which was faster and higher than for any other app category, and unsurprisingly 54% of holiday shoppers asserted that they will shop on mobiles, confirming the analytics.

The apps that will appear under the “Shopping” category will be e-commerce apps of Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Groupon and some product review sites.

The announcement on Apple’s part that it will be including this new category has sent waves of happiness across owners of e-commerce apps as there will be more chances now that their apps will be discovered by users, thereby increasing their profits.


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