New Facebook Feature Enables Users To Send a Happy Birthday Video


Facebook has been a great place to get in touch with your family members, friends, colleagues, relatives and even superiors. It is also a great place to dish out congratulatory remarks for a job well done or hand out your heart-felt greetings.

The social media network behemoth is seemed to be not running out of ideas to keep its myriads and myriads of users glued into its fold by continuously rolling out wonderful features to keep its users connected with their loved ones and contacts.

Facebook has just unveiled a feature on Monday that is cinched to make you even more special, well, on your very own birthday. The new-fangled functionality enables users to send a 15-second, customized message through a “birthday video cam.”

So this implies that aside from scrolling through your timeline filled with static text messages on your birthday, you might as well come across with messages from your beloved ones and friends saying great things about you that will certainly put you in cloud nine. With that said, the well-wishers will have to make some extra effort to accomplish the feat.

When a friend’s birthday notification appears out of nowhere on your Facebook page, just hit it to record your (PG) birthday video. You can even opt for a cheerful frame to turn your short video even more unforgettable.

Aside from the new feature about birthday video cam, Facebook has also plans on releasing other features such as the in-app business-to-consumer messaging and “reaction” emojis in the near future. The new birthday video cam functionality is now accessible in mobile devices that runs iOS, with the Android variant coming in the middle of this year.

Now if you have friends that will celebrate their birthday, you need not spend much as you can instead opt for making a memorable birthday video message in Facebook. Besides thought counts and your personalized message could be priceless on the part of the recipients.



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