Netflix Tosses in Picture-In-Picture Support to iPad App


The new support will enable users to watch a Netflix movie or TV show and check their Facebook or even emails.

Even though multitasking is no longer new on newer iPad models, developers must resort to adding support for the functionality in order for it to operate. Some companies have logged in from Twitter and Skype to YouTube and Slack, and now Netflix is just added into the mix.

The most recent variant of Netflix’s iOS app provides support for iOS 9’s Picture-In-Picture functionality, which enables users to watch videos in a small window on the screen while they open other apps. This is not a groundbreaking update, but it is definitely a helpful one especially for those are fond of multitasking while viewing a TV show or Netflix movie.

The picture in Picture is accessible on iPad Pro, iPad Air or later versions, and iPad mini 2 or later versions. The iPad variants must be running iOS 9.3.2 or later. When watching a video on an app that features Picture in Picture, a small icon should come into view on the bottom right side of the screen. Hit that icon to decrease the screen size, and you could be able to move it around your screen to your desired spot. iMore stated that “Picture-in-picture mode will also launch automatically if you leave a PiP-enabled app while the video is playing.”

Technology site 9to5Mac stated on its earlier report on the update that the functionality is not presently functioning in Apple’s iOS 10 beta, even though that will possibly be resolved prior to the operating system’s unveiling later this year.

Netflix is now ready to be downloaded in Apple’s App Store at no cost.

The new feature is truly wonderful as you can do things you love simultaneously and you are cinched not to miss a message or posts coming from your friends.


Source: PC Mag


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