Mysterious Blood Infection Outbreak in Wisconsin Continues


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According to the Michigan health department, the rare bloodstream infection known as Elizabethkingiam which had earlier sickened many people in Wisconsin since November has now affected a resident of Michigan.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services said Thursday said that the man suffering from the infection died because of it. apart from revealing that the patient was an older adults, the authorities did not reveal any other details about him.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services have reported around 54 cases of the rare blood infection already. The agency in a statement said, “The majority of patients acquiring this infection are over the age of 65, and all patients have a history of at least one underlying serious illness.”

Almost seventeen of the infected people have succumbed to the infection till now, however, authorities said that it is yet not confirmed whether their cause of death was infection or some other underlying health problem.

According to reports, the bacteria which is found in river water, soil and reservoirs does not generally infect or cause illness in humans. The authorities said that those people who already have a serious underlying health condition or have a weak immune system are more at risk of the infection that other people.

Reports state that the infection does not effectively respond to antibiotic treatment hence it is harder to treat. Some of the symptoms of the bacteria infection include shortness of brea, high fever, bacterial skin infection called cellulitis and chills.

Health authorities in Wisconsin are closely working with the United states Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to find out the source of the outbreak of the infection. Michigan has now joined hands in the investigation.

Chief medical executive of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Eden Wells, in a statement said, “Michigan has worked closely with the CDC and Wisconsin Health Department to alert our provider community about the Wisconsin outbreak and to ensure early recognition of potential cases in our state.”

Source: CNN


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