Microsoft zeroes in on enterprise mobility and security with Azure

Microsoft touts new, holistic approach to enterprise security ...

Microsoft has dedicated to dishing out more products and forging partnerships as cloud and mobility gradually becoming essential for a lot of businesses.

Technology giant Microsoft has recognized that cloud and mobility are a couple of worldwide trends that are paving the way for innovation at record setting pace.

Brad Anderson, Microsoft vice president enterprise mobility, Microsoft Ignite Australia 2015, stated that to keep abreast with these trends the firm has come up with three lofty goals: Make intelligent cloud, restructure business throughput, and turn personal computing more personal.

From an intelligent cloud standpoint, Anderson flaunted that the firm has already led to realizing those goals when it opted for unveiling Azure in Australia. Anderson put into limelight those goals and cited that the company has saw the increase in the utilization of the firm’s public cloud platform by 400%. He also stated that 50% enterprise organizations in Australian are now employing Azure. Moreover, 40% of overall global public cloud revenue for Microsoft is emanating from startups, and independent software providers and small to medium businesses.

Microsoft has also announced that it has forged tie up with Megaport and NextDC to provide Microsoft’s Office 365 Express Route to broaden assistance to the consumers in their shift into the cloud.

Additionally, it disclosed its alliance with 6 new Australian Azure cloud solution partners: Buttonwood Cloud Exchange, Datacom, Dimension Data, Data#3, Rackspace, and SaaS Plaza,

Anderson continued on saying that a significant feature to creating in the cloud platform is safety. He stressed out that it is the top concern for business and to link that with the expanding mobile enterprise environment, businesses need to begin pondering about it.

“Corporate data and application is no longer safe behind a firewall. Much of the data is now moved into the cloud … so fundamentally the perimeter that we’ve always based our security on has evaporated and we have to figure out what security means in a whole different light to before,” said Anderson.

Anderson said that when the company unveiled Office 365 and Windows 10, the firm created them while considering “modern” security attacks. Consequently, the company is able to come up with unceasing security updates for its patrons. He also stated that the firm the company is recreating productivity with its products, as well.

Anderson also mentioned enabling the business mobility, saying that the company has allowed enterprises to make this happen since the unveiling of its enterprise mobility suite, which Anderson stated is the company’s fastest emerging product as of now.

Part of the consideration of launching an enterprise mobility platform for any business is security. Anderson stated that noticing that the firm’s Cloud Azure Active Directory is a product that can assure the security of users’ identity over many devices.

Anderson remarked: “Users should have the option to choose any device they want to work on; it’s a very personal decision. Some may like Windows, some may like iOS, and some may like Android. But you want to enable your users to choose the device they want to be productive on because you want to remove any barrier and any kind of friction. But in a world where these things are no longer behind a perimeter, what becomes the new perimeter?

“I submit that identity is the new perimeter. Identity is the one thing that is common across any device you want to use, so the way this modern architecture works is that it needs to authenticate, identify the user, identify the cloud, and deliver everything they need to be productive,” he said.

Another essential facet that Anderson was the unveiling of the firm’s operations Azure Stack and management suite. He showcased how the two products have been built to assist businesses to further enhance flexibility and productivity and to provide them option.




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