Microsoft Surface Phone to Bring a Revolution in the World of Technology:


Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades over the years, and has been innovating the way the markets of technology function. The company has been a true giant and a market leader when it comes to the world of technology, and has been leading the markets for a good 40 years. Microsoft has been changing many trends in the world of technology and has been innovating their way to success. However success as well as innovations have been limited in their hardware ventures, as Microsoft has been failing miserably at it. The company is all set to release the Surface Phone now, and it is expected to help them power through the mobile phone markets.screen_shot_2013-12-24_at_10.25.35_am

Microsoft’s Surface Phone is expected to come out in the month of October, which is the time the company usually holds the Surface events. Microsoft is expected to introduce the Surface Phone as the third device in the Surface series of devices. The Surface Pro tablets and the Surface Book laptop have been the other two devices. Microsoft is all set to bring a big innovation with this release.

The Surface Phone is expected to be a fully customizable phone, where users can buy a phone on the basis of their needs. The phone is expected to vary between 4 to 8GB of RAM and 64 to 500GB of storage space. Microsoft’s Surface Phone is going to be the most powerful phone ever released and will truly be a ‘business-class’ offering.

Microsoft, of late, has been trying to capture the markets of business class technologies as the company has been trying hard to tap into the markets that Blackberry once owned. Microsoft Mobiles desperately needed a niche and it looks like they have found it in the business class devices.

The Surface Phone is expected to help Microsoft Mobiles finally get accepted in the markets.



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