Microsoft Surface Phone Aimed At Business Class Users – Microsoft Going The Blackberry Way?


Microsoft Corporation has been a company which has been around the markets for over the past forty years, and across the decades the company has been a smart observer of the markets and the trends. Microsoft’s recent hardware ventures might have been unfruitful but that does not mean the company intends to shut down their mobile phone division any time soon. Microsoft is actually working on a strategy to get their mobile phone division back on track, as the company is expected to launch the much awaited Surface Phone device later this year.surface-phone-new-2013

With the arrival of the Surface Phone, a major strategy change is coming to Microsoft Corporation. The company, which has been around the markets for a really long time, knows the very pulse of the industry and Microsoft has realized that the Lumia phones have not been doing well because they do not have a well-defined niche attached to them.

Microsoft’s Surface Phone is expected to come out in October, and that will be the device which will clearly lead the company towards a well-defined niche, that of the business-class users. Microsoft is expected to target the business class users, similar to what Blackberry did at one point of time.

The company’s main point of promotion here will be their productivity features and how the Microsoft devices, especially the Surface Phone can be used for on-the-go work. The company has already been working on these lines, and the Lumia 650 comes out as the first phone which has been dubbed a business-device.

The company is further expected to launch Lumia 750 and Lumia 850 over the next few months leading up to the Surface Phone and these phones too are expected to be business class devices. The Surface Phone will offer the users with high-end specs such as 6 to 8GB of RAM and up to 500GB of storage space, thereby making it the apex business-class, powerful device.


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