Microsoft All Set To End Production Of Surface 3 Device –


Microsoft, over the past several years, has been a company which has been coming out with some of the biggest innovations of all times, and had been changing many trends in the way the markets of technology used to function. The company has now been taking things one major step forward, and have been moving beyond the software industry. Microsoft’s hardware division is highlighted by some of their releases in the Surface series of devices – the tablets and the laptops. The Surface Pro devices include – the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, and the latest release, the Surface Pro 4. At this moment, the Surface 3 is the cheapest, entry-level tablet which Microsoft is offering. However, as per reports, Microsoft is all set to shut down the production of this tablet from December onwards.


As of now, if you check the official Microsoft Store, the only variant of the Surface 3 that is listed on the website is that of the one that comes with 64GB of storage, 2GB of memory, and both Wi-Fi and 4G LTE capabilities. The device has been priced in at $500, and is an entry level tablet. However, with the company shutting it down, there would no longer remain an entry level Surface device.

However, users must keep in mind that the date that they will be shutting down the device happens to be in December, while Microsoft is expected to launch the Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 in the month of October! It is highly possible that a new entry level Surface device might be in the works.

As per a statement from Microsoft, “Since launching Surface 3 over a year ago, we have seen strong demand and satisfaction amongst our customers. Inventory is now limited and by the end of December 2016, we will no longer manufacture Surface 3 devices.”



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