Mexico Doctors Shocked To Find Live Worm Inside Teenager’s Eyeball


In an unusual incident, doctors in Mexico were shocked to find a parasitic flatworm wriggling inside a 17-year-old boy’s eyeball. The teenager went to the doctors with his eye red and painful, the doctors succeeded in removing the worm, but he had nearly lost his eyesight.

Reports state that the teenager, who lives in a rural village in Mexico, had been experiencing pain and reduced vision in his eyes for nearly three weeks. It was when he could not see things properly that he decided to pay doctors a visit.

Commenting on the boy’s case, Dr. Pablo Guzman-Salas who attended him said that the boy could “only see hand movements” because his eyesight had become so bad, according to The Sun’s reports. It was after a medical examination that the worm’s presence in the boy’s eyeball was noted.

Reports state that the teenager’s cornea was swollen and his eyes were speckled with blood. The worm present in his eye had reportedly caused severe damage around his retina and had made multiple holes in his iris, destroying his vision.

When the doctors spotted the worm, it was filmed wriggling around in the boy’s eye in a video and coming in and out of the holes made by it.

The doctors reportedly had to cut open the boy’s eye to remove the worm. They removed the lens of his eye and the the aqueous and vitreous humour that fills the eye to remove the parasite.

The worm, after removal, was measured to be 3mm in length and was removed by cutting it into several pieces.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), flatworms can infect human through consumption of undercooked fish or crab meat.

The boy’s case was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Source: Deccan Chronicle


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