Meet the Samsung Family Hub, the fridge with a touchscreen and speakers


Samsung’s newest device may just be the craziest thing ever. The new Family Hub fridge is a fridge with a massive touchscreen and speakers. Yup, you heard that right.

The CES is a showcase of consumer electronics and every single year it is a mixture of “Wow!!” and “What are those?!” moments when seeing what companies have in mind. Samsung’s newest invention is just about between those two reactions.

People wonder what gadgets would suddenly spring up and create speedy wonder. Or, perhaps, fast laughter.

Samsung seems to have obliged.

Please welcome the company’s new Family Hub refrigerator, the details of which might cause shivers.

The Samsung Family Hub is a shiny, fancy fridge with an enormous screen on one of its doors. Well, that is according to a Korean press release translated via Google Translate. Samsung says it will be showing off the device in its exhibition space on the CES show floor, which hasn’t opened yet.

It’s as if the South Korean electronics maker wasn’t content to just build those rather lovely Note phablets and decided to make a fridgelet.

It has a 21.5-inch HD touchscreen. That screen is, naturally, connected to the Web. You can also play music on it, of course it has speakers, or even buy a new outfit.

I know that fridges have lurched toward the dreamland of every electronic thing being part of the Internet of Things and maybe, just maybe this is Samsung’s way of starting it up.

Who wonders what other great things this fridge can do? Maybe in the near future you could list down your groceries and it could detect everything inside and alert you if you are running low on your sodas and sweets while letting you know you haven’t touched that non-fat milk and veggies you promised to eat as your New Year’s resolution.

The Internet of Things could be a very useful system in order to make homes automated and more efficient but fridges being part of it would always raise question marks. Let’s just wait and see how companies will crack that to a “Eureka!” moment.



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