Marijuana Cure For Menstrual Cramps? Whoopi Goldberg Says Yes

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New Jersey lawmakers on Thursday announced legislation for leniency of the state’s strict law on medical marijuana in order to allow women to get marijuana based medications in order to relieve menstrual cramps. Famous actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg has been rooting for the pot-based products as treatment of cramps for a long time.

Democratic Assembly members Tim Eustace, L. Grace Spencer and Angelica Jimenez after introducing the bill, in a news release stated that the bill was introduced after Goldberg’s collaboration with the organic marijuana producer in order to design a medical marijuana based product for menstrual cramps pain, ABC News reported.

Eustace in the release said, “People have this puritanical idea that it’s a bunch of potheads sitting in these dispensaries, but there are some very sick patients in need.”

According to the current law in New Jersey on medical marijuana, the use of such cannabis products are authorised for use of limited and specific ailments which include terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis and other chronic ailments. The use of medical marijuana is also authorised during seizures, muscular dystrophy and glaucoma is the conventional treatment does not seem to be effective.

Commenting on why the bill has been issued, Angelica Jimenez in her press release stated, “For many women, the response to pain so severe that it causes them to vomit or faint is either, ‘Just deal with it,’ or a prescription drug that may not even alleviate their symptoms.”

The medical marijuana products could soon be available in selected dispensaries in California where patients just need a doctor’s prescription to avail the wide range of products. The whole initiative was started by Whoopi Goldberg when she contacted the edibles manufacturer Maya Elisabeth in order to launch the line of medical marijuana products for menstrual cramps labelled Whoopi & Maya.

Source: abcnews


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