Man kills co-worker over ‘smelly feet’ in Dubai


    An electrician has been sentenced to five years in jail in Dubai for stabbing his co-worker to death with a razor after he got into an argument with him over his smelly feet.

    The 22-year-old electrician from Pakistan and his co-worker of the same nationality were reportedly resting in an air-conditioned electricity room during the midday break in July 2016 when the incident occurred.

    Reports state the co-worker was sleeping on the floor, with his feet facing towards the electrician’s face. The electrician asked his co-worker to remove his feet as it stunk, but the co-worker refused. The duo then got into a heated argument. Later, the co-workers intervened and stopped the tussle.

    The electrician, however, did not let go of the matter and rushed to a nearby warehouse at the construction site to get a razor. He came back to where his co-worker was resting and stabbed him in the neck repeatedly.

    Surveillance cameras installed on the site showed the electrician hiding the razor behind him before attacking the victim at least three to four times.

    The victim was then rushed to the hospital in a critical state, where he suffered excessive bleeding and slipped into a coma, according to medical reports. The report also stated that the victim could not be saved despite multiple operations, according to Gulf News.

    The Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday convicted the electrician of killing his countryman, although the defendant did not plead guilty during the trial.

    “We had a fight and when he tried to assault me, I assaulted him back,” the accused said in the court. The Dubai court has ruled that he will be deported to his country after he serves his jail term here.

    A police sergeant testified that the electrician was detained from the worksite.

    “During questioning, the defendant said the deceased had very smelly feet when he slept in front of him with his legs up before his face. When he asked the victim to move his feet away, he refused. Then they had a heated argument and assaulted each other. He claimed that when the deceased cursed him, he felt angry, so he got the razor from the warehouse and stabbed the victim,” the sergeant said.


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