Major Speculation: Microsoft Shutting Down Windows 10 Mobile OS, Windows Phone Devices –


Microsoft has been among some of the biggest names in the world of technology for the past 40 years, and it has been changing many trends in the way the markets of technology function. They have brought around a large number of updates and upgrades over the last few years, and one of their biggest updates has been towards the world of hardware technology. Microsoft has now introduced the Windows 10 Mobile OS for the Windows Phone devices, and it was expected to drive them in a whole new direction.

Only that it isn’t.DSC01874

The Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile OS devices have been struggling to find their feet in the markets, and the company has been losing out big time to stay afloat. Microsoft, with the Windows 10 Mobile OS and Windows Phone devices has been floundering in the markets, and things are so bad that they have reached a sink-or-swim situation.

Microsoft’s mobile phone devices have been losing out the market share rapidly, and the company has been working hard to fix things, but nothing seems to be going their way. The market share of the Windows Phone devices fell from 3% in 2014-15 to 1.7% in 2015-16.

With tens of billions of dollars having been invested in it, Microsoft is still seeing no returns, neither financially nor user-base wise. It has now been expected that the investors are upset with the way things are going on in the Windows 10 Mobile OS division, and if things continue to go south for another year, Microsoft might end up pulling the plug on the Windows 10 devices as well as the Windows Phone OS under pressure from the investors.

This however does not mean that the company would no longer support existing devices. New devices too would be released, but not under the Microsoft mobiles banner, they’d go back to the old ways of licensing their OS with other manufacturers.


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