Major Speculation: Could This Be The End of Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile OS, Windows Phone Devices?


Microsoft Corporation has been a name which has been around the markets of technology for a very long time now. The company has been coming out with a large number of changes, updates and upgrades for their devices over the past several years, and have been focusing heavily on the hardware markets for some time now. However, their hardware ventures have not been working out as well as they had planned, as the mobile phone division was experiencing a free fall. The company later introduced the Windows 10 Mobile OS update, in an attempt to save their markets, but that too has not been working out as well as they intended it to.


Microsoft’s mobile phone division has been on a collapse ever since its inception. Microsoft Mobiles never even took off, as the company has been witnessing losses pile up right in front of their eyes. After having lost out tens of billions of dollars over the past several years, it now looks like things might be changing in Microsoft.

The investors have now been speculated to be upset with the way things have been going on in Microsoft. Recently, the company announced 1850 job cuts in the mobile phone division, as well as they sold off a portion of their mobile phone business to HMD Global and FIH Mobiles.

Microsoft has been coming out with several updates and upgrades for their mobile phones, but none of them are working as intended, as the free fall continues in the markets. If things continue going down the hill, the investors are likely to pull out and Microsoft might have to end up shutting down the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile OS divisions.

Shutting down the divisions means that they will no longer be coming out with new mobile phone devices. The company can still license other manufacturers to use the Windows 10 Mobile OS, and will continue releasing security fixes and upgrades for these devices over the years.


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