Letrons Turn BMW Into Real-Life Transformer Robot In Seconds


The Transformers movie fiction has now come to life. A team of engineers from the Turkish company Letvision has built a real-life transformer car that they call ‘Letrons’, that morphs from being a normal BMW car into a robot, in a couple of seconds.

The tech is inspired by the Transformers TV series based on a war among clans of giant robots with the ability to transform into vehicles. The idea came up in a partnership meeting when the Turkish Company members were discussing a unique futuristic project. Letvision has also posted a video of Letrons on YouTube giving us a glimpse of their real life transformer.


The vehicle, though, doesn’t have a room for a driver yet, but you can actually drive it via remote-control. Here are a few features that we know about Letrons from the official website:

Power System & Movement

Letrons has deep cycle storage units and a 4,000W power inverter to manage the energy distribution. Each movable part has its own movement system as well. A 200 Ncm DC servo motor makes the head turn about 120 degrees, whereas the neck and body connection are maintained by a 1.000N actuator.

The arm movements are again controlled with a 1.000N linear DC power dynamic actuators and sensors. A 35 N main hydraulic cylinder system coupled with a perfect spine structure having extra hydraulic supplements, provides fast and effective transformation.


The main control system has been specially designed for the Robot transformation.A Highly Effective Management Software has been added to the Real Life Transformer to allow voice interaction and high-performance movement capability.

The Letrons comes with a remote control with 2.4 GHz radio frequency and 10 Channel controller. There’s also a full HD interactive feedback screen with a rich media presentation. The controller provides wheel steering to about 60 degrees both left and right.


With camera integration performing speech, the real life transformer is also enriched with the capability to speak and is sound sensitive to environmental factors.


The vehicle features dynamically adjustable light intensity that gives clear and effective vision even for fog. The LED-based dynamic eye structure and variable light spectrum provide a highly effective visual. There’s also additional safety provided by the front and rear security sensors.

Is Letrons For Sale Now?

The company states in their official website’s FAQ that the real life transformer can be for sale but only if the buyer’s project and their intent, meets the criteria set by the LETRONS team. Though the cars are not built for traffic yet, they can still function via remote control. The walking functionality can be added provided there’s a reasonable funding for the new development project. Letvision also said earlier that it took 12 engineers, eight months to create the real life transformer ‘Letrons’ from a BMW sports car. The Turkish company also state that they will be building more models in the near future.



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