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The Leica M (Type 262) has just been unveiled but unlike its most recent precursor it cannot record video footage.

The most recent addition (the fourth) in the company’s digital M-Generation roster and provides a decreased feature set that is focused on pure photography.

Leica stated, “This allows users to focus on the fascination of M photography and, ultimately, on capturing the decisive moment.”

Leica is still pounces on its analog origins and the Typ 262 is build especially as a true rangefinder camera, but this exclusion appears to be unusual due to streaming a live-view picture from the sensor to the screen is of essence.

Leica has disclosed that the M (Type 262), is an expensive variant of its M (Type 240) rangefinder camera. By getting rid of video and live view functions from the Typ 240, the Typ 262 is certainly made to be much more related to the vintage Leica M camera. At one fell swoop the camera’s Maestro processor assures quick processing of snapped photos, guaranteeing that it is more than ready to shoot.

The new M versionl, Leica relegates the shooting experience to the basics. Fetched at a priced of £4,050 (Value-Added Tax included), the Leica M (Typ 262) is the cheapest full-frame M-mount digital Leica as of late. Weighing 600 grams without decking in a battery, it happens to be the lightest digital M camera in production. White balance is chosen by a dedicated button situated on the back of the camera. Common in rangefinders, the camera has autofocus system which implies that you need you manually fine-tune your focus for every shot with the ring around the lens while looking via an optical peephole.

Without the few features such as  video recording, the menu on this M has been trimmed down and is now reduced to just two pages, or as Leica said, “lean and concise”. While in continuous mode, the M (Typ 262) whips up identical 3 frames/second sequential shooting speed just like its sister model. That camera will also be available by the end of November, so this means that you have still two weeks before the Typ 240 and 242 will hit the stores.

Source: wwntradio.com


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