Japanese Fleet Slaughters Hapless 333 Whales In The Antarctic


The Japanese whaling fleet returned home along with 333 lifeless minke whales which opposed the ruling meted out by the International Court of Justice.

Reuters quoted a statement issued by Japan’s Fisheries Agency saying that 103 male and 230 female whales were captured and killed during the fleet’s sojourn in the Antarctic region. Out of 230 female whales caught 207 were pregnant which is indeed bothering.

Reuters quoted the agency as stating, “The number of pregnant females is consistent with previous hunts, indicating that the breeding situation of minke whales in the Antarctic is healthy.”

According to an earlier report furnished by the Australian broadcaster ABC , the Institute of Cetacean Research of Japan stated that the ICR ship Nisshin Maru’s expedition in the Antarctic waters lasted 115 days (65 days were spent on surveying and slaughtering whales for biopsy sampling and performing harmless satellite beacon tests and sea water surveys).

Japan has stated that it performed this “scientific whaling” solely for research purposes, although the whale’s meat is sold to the consumers and government agencies stated that their main aim is to resume commercial whaling.

Commercial whaling was barred by the International Whaling Commission in 1986, even though killing whales for scientific research was permitted to carry on. Nonetheless, the Two-Way reported two years ago, the ICJ ordered a stop to all Japanese whaling operations.

Japan contradicts that the latest whale hunting expedition breached the decision of the court since it was performed based on a new research plan that has yet to be decided by the ICJ.

News of the whale hunt stirred up various conservation groups and ignited a political row in Australia, where environmental activist group Sea Shepherd indicted the Australian government of being passive on safeguarding the whales, a number of it stated were slaughtered unlawfully in the Australian Whale Sanctuary.

Greg Hunt who happens to be the environment minister of Australia’s, stated to the AFP that the Australian government are against whaling “clearly, absolutely and categorically.”


Source: npr.org


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