ISIS tricks Woman Into Eating Her Infant Son After Keeping Her Starved For 3 Days


The Islamic State (ISIS) militants reportedly tricked a Yezidi woman into eating her one-year-old child after they left her to starve for three days without giving the woman any food, according to a Yezidi lawmaker.

A Yazidi activist and member of the Iraqi Parliament, Vian Dakhil, while speaking to Egypt’s Extra News TV said that the Yezidi woman was used as a sex slave by the militants, and was given “rice and meat” after being starved for three days in a cellar.

Reports state that after the woman ate the food given to her, the ISIS militants told her that she had just eaten her one-year-old son whose meat was served on her plate.

The lawmaker also recounted another horrific incident where a 10-year-old girl was raped by several ISIS militants until she died. She was repeatedly raped in front of her father and sister, according to Basnews reports.

Dakhil had previously told Reuters that there were around 420,000 Yezidi people living in camps in the Kurdistan Region. The Yezidis started living in these camps after they were displaced from their homes in northern Iraq because of the ongoing violence.

The lawmaker added that even though many managed to flee the violence-ridden areas, thousands of others, including women and children remain in captivity of ISIS which is using them as sex slaves, or training them to become militants and fight for the extremist group.

Reports state that more than 3,100 Yazidis were killed by ISIS when the group emerged with its own caliphate in 2014, and nearly 6,800 women and children were kidnapped and forced to become sex slaves of the jihadists.

Suffering from constant defeats from the US-backed Iraqi Army, the extremist group is now increasing pressure on civilians, in hopes of spreading fear among them and preventing them from escaping the region. The militants are also using civilians as human shields in combat with the Iraqi Army.


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