Is Microsoft Corporation going to make Lumia 650 as the Last Lumia?


Microsoft is one of the most respected names in the markets not just because it is one of the biggest tech firms, but also because it is one of the smartest business houses in the world. The company has been coming out with update after update and has moved forward in the direction of progress, at almost every venture of theirs. However the one area where Microsoft has hit a grey spot is the world of mobile phones, as Microsoft Corporation has failed drastically in their Microsoft Mobiles division.

The company has now noticed a major fall in their sales as well, and it is now high-time for Microsoft to realize that they are doing something wrong. The company is now looking forward to shut down the Mobile phone division completely, and is all set to release the Microsoft Lumia 650 as the ‘last lumia’ phone. lumia_650

Microsoft Lumia 650 cannot even be branded as one last effort by Microsoft Corporation to save the Lumia devices, as the company is reportedly done with it! Their focus now is towards the development of the Surface Phones, and Microsoft intends to release the device just because it has been produced. The phone was earlier expected to come out on the 1st of February, but will now likely be releasing during the Mobile World Congress event.

The phone is expected to come out with a 5.5 inched screen and dual 4G LTE SIM slots, the device is also expected to come out with a large battery, and will be featuring the Windows 10 Mobile OS. The phone is expected to feature 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, along with a snapdragon 410 processor. The phone will also come with an 8MP camera in the front as well as an 8MP camera in the back.

The price of the next phone is yet to be decided by the Microsoft Corporation, but it is currently being speculated that the Lumia 650 will come in at $235.


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