iPhone 7: Know The New iPhone 7 Features Speculated To Be A Part Of The New iPhone:


Apple has been one of the hottest names in the world of technology for the past 40 years. The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades, and has managed to bring out a major revolution in the markets. The Apple innovations have been around product design as well as around the Operating System changes. The company fights the innovation war on several fronts, and has been doing exceptionally well across all of them. The company is now expected to release the iPhone 7 device, and it has been expected that several major changes will now be a part of the device’s offerings.iphone-7-camera-news-update-970-80

Here’s a look at some of the major changes that Apple is expected to bring along:

  • Dual Cameras:

Apple has always been appreciated for the cameras that their iPhone devices come out with. With the iPhone 7 coming out, Apple is now anticipated to make the camera technology twice as better, as the new iPhone will be coming out with two cameras.

With these dual cameras coming out, it is expected that one of the two cameras will be clicking the image in its entirety while the second one will be focusing more on the ‘subject’ of the device. The company is expected to bring out a major change in the markets, and it has been anticipated that the new iPhone will be giving the DSLRs a run for their money.

The dual cameras have been spotted in the patent documents as well as rendered images.

  • Self-Healing Technology

With the iPhone 7 coming out, Apple is taking one giant step towards the smartphone technology. The company is now working on making the ‘smart’phone truly smart.  With the iPhone 7, Apple is introducing a self-healing technology.  With this technology, the company now intends the device to become more self-aware than ever before. The iPhone will be able to identify the errors that the device has , and will be able to fix the issues on its own.

The iPhone 7, with this self-healing technology, would soon be able to fix problems such as dead pixels, water in device, and other minor issues on its own!

The device is also expected to bring out many changes, including the much demanded waterproofing!


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