iPhone 7 goes wire-free: Know the details –


Apple, with the iPhone has changed the way we look at phones. The iPhone offers a similar form factor yet it is so different from the rest of the devices around us. With the iPhone 7 coming out in September, Apple is looking at many changes that they might be going to make. The biggest of them is getting rid of all the wires! The iPhone 7 is expected to be a wire free device. Take a look at it here:

  1. Wireless Audio

Apple is all set to introduce wireless audio with this device, and as per various rumors, they are going to force it on the users. Apple intends to have the wireless audio a compulsion for the users, and they will have no other choice as the 3.5mm jack shall be axed.

Apple is reportedly doing away with the 3.5mm jack port because this would help them slim down the iPhone by as much as 1mm.iPhone_7_illustration_Yasser_Farahi_1000e

The company next intends to introduce wireless earpods, and these devices will not only add to the cost of the product, but will also be sold individually. For the users who wish to use wired headsets, they can connect to the lightning port.

  1. Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging has been another feature which has been expected to be released by Apple for quite a while now. Talks around this feature have been around since as early as the iPhone 6 device but has always disappointed the users. However, it is now expected that wireless charging is finally making its way out.

Though the iPhone 7 devices featuring the support of wireless chargers will release in September, while the actual chargers themselves will release in the month of January.

The phone is expected to come out with many new and improved features too, but primarily the device is all about getting rid of the wires!


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