iPhone 5S Price Hits Record Low As iPhone Goes For Retail Sale At $200


Apple has been a company which has constantly been setting new trends in the world of technology. The company is once again changing the market scenario as we know it to be, as they are releasing an all new pricing strategy. The iPhone 5s price is all set to crash the markets, as the iPhone, for the first time ever, becomes a budget device. The iPhone 5s price is set to hit record lows and it is beings said that the price of the device will hit as low as $200 in the days to follow.

This will be the third major price cut to arrive for the iPhone 5s, the first came after the iPhone 6 came out and the second after controlsthe iPhone 6s. Now that the iPhone SE has released, this third price cut was expected. Apple is now working towards changing the market trends and is introducing budget pricing for iPhones.

The company observed that even last year, there was a good demand for four inched iPhone devices, as over 30 million 4 inched devices were sold. The company is now working on those lines.

The iPhone 5s price cut also helps influence the markets in terms of acquiring new customers and converting them into brand loyal customers eventually. The price drop is particularly targeting the South East Asian nations and the Indian markets as they are some of the biggest markets with the least penetration. The price conscious markets are expected to respond well to these changes, and Apple is all set to innovate the world of technology as we know it to be.

The iPhone 5s price is going to hit record lows, and Apple is eyeing newer, long-term customers with this. The company has officially pulled down the iPhone from their website, and the slashed prices will be available only at the Apple Stores and other authorized retailers over the coming few weeks.


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