iPhone 5S Price To Get A Major Cut – iPhone 5S To Reach Record Lows Of $200


If someone were to ever tell you that the iPhone is now selling for less than your one week’s pay, that too officially- would you believe them? Probably not. However, times are a – changin’ and the iPhone 5S is now getting a major price cut which will take the iPhone 5S price down to as low as $200 in a few countries. Markets such as India and other South East Asian countries will be the biggest benefactors of this iPhone 5S price cut.

This iPhone 5S price cut is all set to take Apple to record lows, as the iPhone has never sold at such a ‘budget’ pricing. Apple’s intentions here are to convert non-users intcontrolso becoming first time users with these low prices as a bait. The company is now working towards enticing the users to buy the iPhone 5s for the first time and eventually become brand loyal.

This iPhone 5s price cut is actually the third such price cut for the iPhone 5s, as the company had earlier slashed the prices of the device back when the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s came out. The third price cut is due to the arrival of the iPhone SE device.

As of this writing, the iPhone 5S has been pulled down from the official Apple website and this looks like the company will no longer be selling it officially online but only via retail till stocks last. Apple is desperate to break through the markets of the south east Asian nations and the company’s discounts are likely to gain them more followers.

According to Apple’s research, last year over 30 million 4 inched iPhone devices were sold, which motivated them to release the iPhone SE, knowing that there is still a major potential in the markets. This iPhone 5s price drop is the last such opportunity users will probably get to buy an iPhone at such low rates.


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