Message anonymously with Tor


Have you ever wanted to text message anonymously? Maybe, profess love to every girl in your college without someone else snooping on the conversation? The Onion Router Project has unveiled a tool called Tor Messenger that allows people to chat in utter security on popular messaging services.

Tor Messenger is currently in beta version and is made to boost security around online instant messaging; it took the developers of Tor Messenger around two years to make Tor Messenger.

The company developing Tor Messenger says “Tor Messenger builds on the networks your are familiar with, so that you can continue communicating in a way your contacts are willing and able to do.”

Tor Messenger provides support to famous instant messaging apps such as Google Talk, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Jabber. It is worth mentioning that Tor Messenger is based around the Mozilla instant messaging client instandbird. After having reviewed numerous messaging clients, such as Adam Langley’s xmpp-client and Pidgin, Tor Messenger’s developers opted for Instandbird, as according to the developers, Instandbird supports several languages, an active developer community, and an easy-to-use interface.

What Tor Messenger does is that when messaging is being done over its network, the location of the users is hidden through to the server, allowing people to use services such as Facebook chat in places where they are blocked.

If people want to use Tor Messenger they can go to the official website and download the 32bit version or the 64 bit version.

The team of Tor Messenger further says that “At the end of the day, some people really do need privacy and security so this would be important to them.”



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