Indians are among the world’s laziest, just take 4,297 steps a day!


A latest study of around 46 countries has shown that Indians are among the laziest people in the world. If you give an option to Indians to drive or walk the distance, they are most likely to choose the car, no matter how short the distance is.

The study, conducted by Stanford University researchers, has ranked India at 39 in the list, with Indians taking 4,297 per day on an average.

To reach their findings, the researcher used step-counters installed in most smartphones to track the activity of nearly 7,00,000 people in 46 countries across the world.

The study ranked the Chinese as the least lazy in the list, particularly Hong Kong where people walked around 6,880 steps per day on an average.The findings of the research were published in the online journal Nature.

According to the study, the worst nation, when it comes to walking the steps, was Indonesia where people walked around 3,513 steps a day. The worldwide average of walking is 4,961 steps, with people in the United States walking an average 4,774 steps.

The top nations with most walking activity include Hong Kong, China, Ukraine and Japan. While the least active nations in the list are Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

The Stanford study’s data showed that Indian women walked even less than India men, with barely managing 3,684 steps in a day on an average. While Indian men registered at least 4,606 steps per day.

The study also found out that the greater the number of walking steps recorded in men and women, the lower their chance of obesity was. However, in females, the prevalence of obesity increased with the decreasing number of step volume, according to the report.


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