HTC Vive Pre: Can your PC Support The HTC VR device?


29th of February marks the date when the HTC Vive Pre will officially go on sale. The device has been catching the imagination of a large number of users off late, and marks HTC’s first major foot forward in the world of gaming. The company has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades for their device even before it releases. The release was delayed but the new and improved HTC Vive Pre has caught the attention of many users. The company today released a demo for benchmarking computers, and it would determine whether or not your computer could run this Virtual Reality device from

Computers which run the Virtual Reality devices such as the HTC Vive Pre and Oculus require high configurations. Users who spend nearly $800 on these devices, also need to upgrade their PCs to high performing rigs which cost $1500-2000 on an average.

As per TechTimes reports, The test will show whether one’s PC is Ready, Capable or Not Ready. If the machine is not VR ready, the test can also help in determining if its capabilities are being dragged by its CPU, Graphics Card, or both.

The tool also gives an average fidelity rating. This is represented by a two-decimal number and a rating scale of Low, Medium, High and Very High. There is also a result on the percentage of tested frames that went below 90fps, which is the recommended level for getting a smooth VR experience.

The test is a two minute test, which helps the users determine the rendering power of the machine. All it takes is two minutes, and there are two main components this test needs. First of all, the test will determine if your PC can run 90fps content. After that, it will check if the visual fidelity can be tuned up to the required levels.

As of now no PC bundles have been announced by either HTC of Valve.


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