HopperGo: Cloud Player for TV lovers


Small but powerful, the reasonably price Hopper Go is capable of storing up to 100 hours of TV and is a must-have for TV lovers who are always on-the-go

Initially unveiled at CES in January, the diminutive HopperGo is actually a 64 GB USB drive that is equipped with wireless access point. The small device links to your Dish Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 and absorbs up to 100 hours of Television. When done, one can unplug the small device and watch for up to four hours on single charge via the Dish Anywhere app.

You will surely be surprised if you will see the device for the first time as it is very small and it just comes with a button to switch it on and a USB port. But the device becomes a potent force to reckon when it performs its function, that is, to transfer video to the box. You just choose the content and move it to the HopperGo. Once you are linked to the device through a private wi-fi, voila, you can watch up to 100 hours of television.

The product bears resemblance with wifi “media drives” that a few manufacturers had created to stream video and photos to mobile devices. Since it is very small and so compact you might be amazed that such minuscule device could store up to 100 hours of television.

The Internet is widespread and streaming from a linked Hopper device through Dish Anywhere makes the device quite difficult to sell. But fetched at a price of just $99, the device can be a great addition to family that loves to travel to keep abreast with their favorite TV shows while staying on an island paradise enjoying a vacation even without wifi. Your kids will surely not miss Dora, Sesame Street and other kiddie shows even if you travel with your family elsewhere.

Source: http://techcrunch.com


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