Here’s What Pediatricians Have to Say About Kids Who Want Tattoos


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Gone are the days when tattoos and piercings were considered outlandish and eccentric. With the new generation comes new trends, and one of the most popular one among this new generation is getting tattoos to express yourself. There are an increasing number of teenagers and young adults who want to get themselves inked.

According to the Pew Research Center at least 38 percent of the millennial have at least one tattoo, and at least 23 percent of them have a piercing somewhere other than their earlobe. The figure compares to just 6 percent of the boomers with tattoos, and one percent with piercings in other parts of their bodies.

Considering the rising trend among the new generation, the United States paediatricians’ have released their first-ever recommendations on health and safety on Monday. The paediatricians want the teenagers and young adults to be aware of the potential health issues which can be caused due to piercings and tattoos, so that they can make an informed decision.

The report, which came out on Monday, showed that most people who have a tattoo never regretted getting one, and at least 30 percent of them said that a tattoo makes them feel sexier.

However, some of the doctors say that considering that the body art is so popular, very few medical professionals know the regulations in the US.

“Most of my medical colleagues don’t know regulations in the states, complication rates or later impact on young people when looking for a job,” says Dr. Cora Breuner. Dr. Breuner is a member of the division of adolescent medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital who chaired the AAP Committee on Adolescence that wrote the recommendations, according to NPR reports.

She says that she wants the medical professionals to be completely equipped to guide patients and their parents properly when it comes to taking advice on getting a tattoo or body piercing. This advise should also include the regulations in their state about the body art practices.

Source: NPR.ORG


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