Hawaiian Volcano Erupted a Smiley Face


A Hawaiian volcano wants its residents to keep a happy face as it featured a “don’t worry, be happy” philosophy during one of its recent eruptions.

It seems odd that an erupting volcano is happy, but it literally is one happy volcano.

Kilauea volcano has been tracked of its volcanic activity since 1983. And the most recent eruption on the Pu’u O’o volcanic cone led tourists to fly over the cone to get the best view. This hotbed of lava featured a two eyefuls with a grinning smiley face looking back at the tourists looking down from above their helicopters.

Videos were uploaded by Mick Kalber of Tropical Visions Video and Paradise Helicopters to show how beautiful an eruption could be even though it is made of boiling hot lava. The later is a touring company that specializes on flying over different islands in Hawaii.

The video lasted for five minutes showing the volcano with a cone featuring two wide “eyes” and a large arched “mouth”. The smiley face was accidentally created by the flowing lava lake that goes into the ocean forming steaming clouds as it reaches the water. Some people describe it as the Hawaiian version of Mordor.

The footage was taken last June and was only released on Youtube last week. Residents and tourists said that the smiley face has been in the volcanic cone since February this year and remained unknown until the video spread online.

In addition, this is not the only badass smiley face created by nature since another one was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory which was called the “grinning jack-o-lantern” photograph of the sun in 2014.


Source: CNET



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