Half-Life co-creator, writer Marc Laidlaw parted ways with Valve after 18 years


Marc Laidlaw, a writer and co-creator of the epic shooter game Half-life and who concocted the Half-Life 1 and 2 titles, has parted ways with Valve according tech site Gamasutra.

Reports of leaving Valve originated from an e-mail posted o Reddit. Laidlaw confirmed the reports in an email he sent to Gamasutra.

“It is true. I left very recently,” he answered when asked about the post.

Retorting to the Reddit poster’s inquiry, Laidlaw stated that he’s no longer in a position to verify or deny anything about any possible new Half-Life game as he said, “I am no longer a full or part time Valve employee, no longer involved in day to day decisions or operations, no longer a spokesman for the company, no longer privy to most types of confidential information, no longer working on Valve games in any capacity.”

Laidlaw cited reasons why he left Valve such as his age.

Laidlaw stated, “My nickname when I first started at Valve in 1997 was ‘old man Laidlaw.’ The little baby level designer who gave me that that nickname is now older than I was then… I had a good run but lately I have been feeling a need for a break from the collaborative chaos of game production, and a return to more self-directed writing projects.”

Laidlaw also stated that he is now in the same level as vast majority of fans, and has no hint of what lies ahead of Half-Life.

The writer was asked about his future and he hasn’t totally discounted of returning to video games, though it is not evident he will make a u-turn in the coming days.

Laidlaw said further, “I will almost certainly get back to writing more stories of my own, that’s simply my default setting. Working on games has been an amazing education, a vocation, an entire career I never expected to have.”

“I found a calling that didn’t even exist when I was a sprout. But it feels like the time is right to return to my roots and see where that takes me. It might well take me back into games by other routes, but currently that’s not part of the plan. I’ll be exploring for a while.”

Source: .gamasutra.com


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