Hack attack on Toy maker VTech exposes information of Families


A hacker sneaked into a customer database for the Learning Lodge app store, where parents have an access to an assortment of games, apps, and e-books for VTech toys.

VTech, a company from China that is prominent for producing electronic toys for kids, had its hapless app store attacked by hackers.

An “unauthorized party” gained access to customer information in a database for VTech’s Learning Lodge app store on November 14, 2015, the firm quipped in a statement on Friday. The app store allows parents to download apps, e-books, games, and educational content to VTech toys.

The database is filled with customer information such as name, email address, mailing address, password, IP address, and download history. Fortunately the database does not contain credit card information of the clients, the company stated.

VTech hasn’t disclosed the number of customers that are affected by the hack, but Motherboard, which reported the hack incident first, stated info on close to 5 million parents and over 200,000 kids was breached. The hacked data contains the kids’ first names, genders and birthdays, Motherboard said.

Although hackers can have an assortment of motives, same attacks have led to customer data being fetch to black market in the Internet, paving the way for criminals to rob goods with another individuals’ identity. Hackers can employ stolen data for a variety of phishing attacks built to aim at people via their email addresses and compel them to visit bogus links to obtain even more sensitive information.

Motherboard was informed of the attack by an anonymous hacker who claimed responsibility. The hacker stated that he plan to do “nothing” with the breached data, Motherboard said further,

If the figure of uncovered accounts reported by Motherboard is correct, the toy company would be become one of the largest hacks for the past years. Last August, hackers published data from over 30 million accounts on adultery cheat site Ashley Madison. The personal info of an approximated 110 million Target customers was breached in 2013 by malware embedded on the point-of-sale terminals of the retailer.

Vtech said that an investigation the hacking incident is ongoing and has made steps to avoid getting hacked in the future.

The hacked database kept info of customers from the  Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America, stated VTech.

Source: Cnet.com


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