Google All Set To Introduce Major Changes To The Android Navigation Buttons:


Google has been among some of the biggest names in the markets of technology. Ever since the Android revolution, the company has managed to step up, and has been bringing forward major changes in the way the markets of technology function. Google is now working on coming out with many changes in the markets, in a major design update, the company is now working on introducing a major change in the design of the Android Navigation Buttons.

Home and Navigation Button

According to Android Police’s sources, it is being believed that Google is now working on bringing out a big change to the way the Android navigation buttons look. The company is now planning to make the home button come out with spikes of different colors around it, which will expand to respective directions when long pressed, and it would soon beam up towards the top of the screen. As absurd as it sounds, Google is indeed planning to do this.

With these changes, one thing is now certain – Google’s intentions are towards pushing forward the Google Now technology, and especially the Google Now on Tap, which has been introduced with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update. The company is working towards changing many other elements in the Android systems, but this is expected to be among some of the biggest changes.

Other than the home button, the remaining two navigation keys too, are going through a major change – both the keys would now become opaque.

Also, what is worth noticing is the fact that this update will come to effect in a proper manner once the company starts off with the final Android N OS. It is also being reported that the recently spotted Nexus devices – the HTC Sailfish, as well as the HTC Marlin would be the first two devices  to feature this change, as well as run on the new Android N OS.


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