Google Self Driving Car Crashes Into Public Bus In California


Google Self Driving Cars have been among various controversies and debates recently. While the legal battles seemed to be getting in the favor of the company, things are likely to take a turn against Google now, as a Google Self Driving Car has now crashed into a public bus in California. While there have been over a dozen crashes that have taken place with the Google Car, this is the first time it has technically been involved in an ‘accident’. This accident had taken place on the 14th of February and was brought to light recently.

The car was moving a speed of less than two miles an hour, and the bus was moving at the speed of 15 miles an hour. The reports that have come out do not show who was at faultroad_ready_small. No one was injured in this accident, and Google has tried to clarify by saying that their car was trying to avoid some sandbags by getting around them when left front of the Google Self Driving Car struck the right side of the bus.

Chris Urmson, the head of Google Self Driving Car project, said in a brief interview that he believes the Lexus was moving before the bus started to pass. “We saw the bus, we tracked the bus, we thought the bus was going to slow down, we started to pull out, there was some momentum involved,” Urmson said. He acknowledged that Google’s car did have some responsibility but said it was “not black and white.”

Google has also issued a written statement on the accident which calls it “a classic example of the negotiation that’s a normal part of driving – we’re all trying to predict each other’s movements.” Though this is something which the company might get past by, as the fault is unclear and is most likely from both the parties, the company’s critics are rising their heads against the Google Self Driving Cars once again.



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