Google is putting an end to Hangouts on Air in September


Internet megalith Google has made an announcement that its Hangouts on Air — the live-streaming service that was once employed used by Pope Francis and Barack Obama — will likely stop one month from now. In a new post issued by Google at its YouTube support page presents information to Hangouts on Air users, who are directed to use YouTube Live to carry out all of their live-streaming beginning on September 12. That encompasses upcoming events that were already scheduled later the aforementioned date.

Google’s post comes with a walkthrough of how users will begin, schedule, and handle live streams after the swap over. The firm also discloses a number of specific functionalities of Hangouts on Air that that will discontinue such as the Question and Answer feature, which forms one of the nuclei of Hangouts on Air. In its place, the broadcasters are compelled to employ social media or the Q&A functionality of Google Slides to come up with questions and be in touch with viewers during the course of live streams. The other feature that is being dropped is the “Showcase” and “Applause”.

A hangout on Air was incepted in 2012 when Google beefed up its live-streaming and community functionalities to its prevailing Hangouts product. It was a wise move by Google as live-streaming products are rarity many moons back. Google was so bullish back then as it promoted it hard and popular personalities like Obama made live broadcasts that are loaded with lots of Q&A. The core product became a hit as it attracted many podcasters.

YouTube Live was released one year later, and Google immediately attempted to combine the two streaming services. It appears like Google is doing the same thing with what it did with Google+, pouncing on which is better and make the most of the available resources.

Source: The Verge


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