Google Hangouts To Now Get Quick Replies –


Google has been a company dedicated towards constantly developing and updating their services and offerings for the users. Having started off as just a search engine 18 years ago, Google has now become one of the most popular brands in the world. The company now comes with a large number of offerings, much larger than ever before. Google Hangouts has been one app which has been updated time and again, and has been something Google has been trying to desperately push.

The first major push was by killing the GTalk application, which was then followed by the integration of SMS with Hangouts. The company, with their latest update has brought in a new feature. Users can now reply to messages directly from the splash screen, with the help of a new ‘reply’ button. Conversation shortcuts can also be now created on the home-screen, akin to what WhatsApp allows the users to do. Design changes have also been brought forward which replace the classic tick-boxes with toggles.

The major update however is the fact that users can now give quick replies from the splash screens. This has been a feature Apple has been having since quite a while now. Google has been late to join the party, but better late than never! This has been one of the most popularly demanded features by the users of Google Hangouts for quite a while, and Google looks like they have finally started working on public demand.

The company has introduced several new bug fixes with this update as well. The app has become slightly faster to use, and has become more fluid. The update is slowly being rolled out to all the users across the planet and is rolling out region by region. It is expected to be out fro all the users in another week or two. Make sure you update your Google Hangouts app to get these new features!


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