Google, Facebook and Apple Dominates the Mobile App Top 10 List, Microsoft Left Out In the Colds


The 10 most-utilized apps of the year in the United States were all created by three mammoth companies — Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Missing surprisingly is Microsoft, which is among the largest software makers in the world in terms of revenue generated.

This year, Facebook apps grabbed three of the top 10 spots, including the highly coveted No. 1 sport, according to a new report issued by Nielsen

The chief Facebook app had posted the highest average number of monthly users for the second consecutive year.

Facebook Messenger secured the third spot, which climbed four notches higher from seventh spot a year ago. And Instagram checked in at No. 8 spot on the elusive list, climbing up one notch higher on the rankings.

Though Google didn’t take the top spot, the company had five entries into the top 10 apps spots. YouTube taking the number 2 position, Google Search at fourth, Google Play at fifth, Google Maps at sixth, and Gmail at seventh.

Apple seized the remaining two spots with its Apple Music (9th) and Maps (10th).

Microsoft is keen about about the list like this for a significant reason. The list mirrors what the people wanted to do with their mobile phones.

Still, Microsoft is making a worthy job of creating a mobile-friendly product lines such as the free variants of its very popular Office 365 suite of apps.

With Windows 10, apps that developers build for the PC will also operate on Microsoft’s mobile phones. That could aid the platform get rid of the its long-lasting “chicken and egg” problem: Few people have Windows phones for developers to consider creating apps for the platform, and customers are not keen on purchasing Windows mobile phones since they are not filled with enough apps.

But being one of the biggest software companies on the planet, not landing in the top 10 on mobile is quite painful.

The presence of Google and Apple on the list is significant, since their apps are generic to their mobile handsets. People are not required to download the Gmail app to utilize it on an Android phone or Apple Music on an iPhone.

Even though Windows hasn’t flourished yet in the mobile device niche, Microsoft should be motivated with the success of Facebook and rivals Google and Apple.

Even though the company lacks a mobile operating system, Facebook is still dominant in the mobile handset segment. People opt to download and employ Facebook and Instagram on their own notwithstanding of which mobile device they use.



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